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I have a lot of wants. THE BIGGEST ARE:
Tattletales (ESPECIALLY Redd Foxx's appearances, 1978 episodes, OC/SM episodes, Phyliss Diller's burping blooper, or anything that I don't have)
What's My Line? (ANYTHING from the 1968-1975 run that I don't have.)
To Tell The Truth (ANYTHING from the 1969-1978 run that I don't have. A not as huge want (But still a want,) are Ward era episodes)
Bullseye (Both celebrity and civilian episodes)
Family Feud (The 1985 Dawson SM finale, and the Friday episode of the 1992 WWF vs. WBF week, which is a HUGE want)
You Don't Say! (ESPECIALLY Peck episodes)
High Rollers (Anything from the Trebek run that I don't have)
The Hollywood Squares (ANYTHING from the Marshall run I don't have. OC Daytime are preferred, but I'll take what you have.)
Wheel of Fortune (Woolery episodes)
Give-N-Take (A better quality copy of the episode I have. I know there has to be some out there in C+ or B- quality that have to be around)
It's Anybody's Guess (Hall episodes)
Dealer's Choice (Clark episodes)
The following shows are shows where I doubt anything else is left, but I'll put them here just in case, since if anything is found, I want it:
The Price is Right, with the Shower Game
Jeopardy! (Fleming, Daytime and syndicated)
Woolery Wheel pre 1978
Concentration (Narz)
Rhyme & Reason
The Joker's Wild (1974-1975 season)
Baffle/All Star Baffle
Celebrity Sweepstakes
High Rollers (1974-1976)
ABC Era Password
Name That Tune (Kennedy/James Daytime)

Episodes of game shows with the following people, whether guests or panelists:
Robert Guilliame
Harry Anderson
Redd Foxx
Robert Stack
Richard Moll
Flip Wilson
Martin Mull
Fred Willard
Leslie Nielson