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For pilots, whether they're sold or unsold.

The $10,000 Sweep- Jack Clark

(1972 GAME B) Unsold pilot (GSN16-DVD)



Child's Play- Bill Cullen

(1982 SM C-) Unaired pilot, with different rules in the maingame, and Bob Hilton as the announcer *intro has video issues, no credits* (GSN107-DVD)



Family Feud- Richard Dawson

(1975 SM B) PILOT! (GSN83-DVD)



Money in the Blank- Kevin O’Connell

(1987 SM C+) Unsold pilot *bright video* (GSN138-DVD)



Nothing But the Truth- Mike Wallace

(1956 KINE B) The To Tell the Truth pilot! Polly Bergen, John Cameron Swayze, Hilda Parks, Dick Van Dyke! 1. Woman who has performed with Frank Sinatra 2. World War II veteran who now works as a marine consultant



The Riddlers- David Letterman

(1977 GAME A-) Unsold pilot (JOEL2-DVD)



The Smart Alecks- Allen Ludden

(1977 SM C+) Unsold pilot, with DAVID LETTERMAN, Pat Carroll, and Don Meredith on the panel (GSN120-DVD)



Talking Pictures- Allen Ludden

(1968 SM B) Black and white version, unsold pilot



20 Questions- Jack Clark

(1975 SM C-) Unsold pilot *squiggly and jumpy video, video issues throughout* (GSN136-DVD)

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