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One of my favorites...

Double Dare- Alex Trebek (21 eps)

(1976 GSN A) PREMIERE! Janna vs. Barry, Spoiler Round= LOST, Janna vs. Garry (GSN121-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) 2nd episode! Janna vs. Garry, Spoiler Round= LOST, Garry vs. Joel (GSN127-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) 3rd episode, Garry vs. Joel (GSN126-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) Fourth episode, Garry vs. Joel, Spoiler Round= WON, Joel vs. Gail, FEE PLUGS LEFT IN BY GSN! (GSN40-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) Fifth episode, Joel vs. Gail, Spoiler Round= LOST, Joel vs. Randy (GSN40-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) From Christmas Week/Sixth episode, Joel vs. Randy, Spoiler Round= WON, Joel vs. Jane (GSN40-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) From Christmas Week/Seventh episode, Spoiler Round= LOST, Joel vs. Dennis, Spoiler Round= LOST, Dennis vs. Roger (GSN40-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) From Christmas Week/Eighth episode, Dennis vs. Roger, Spoiler Round= WON, Roger vs. Carol (FISH-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) From Christmas Week/Ninth episode, Roger vs. Carol, Spoiler Round= LOST, Roger vs. Chuck (FISH-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) Roger vs. Chuck, Spoiler Round= WON, with one poor Spoiler fending for himself after the second question! Chuck vs. Alan Lusher (I also have a Game Show Network rerun, in C quality) (DD-DVD)

(1976 GAME C+) Chuck vs. Alan, Dick Clark is one of the names in the main game! Spoiler Round= WON, Alan vs. Judy, full credit roll (DD-DVD)

(1976 GAME C) Alan vs. Judy, Spoiler Round= LOST, Alan vs. Tony *muddy video* (DD-DVD)

(1976 SM B) With slate! Alan vs. Tony, Spoiler Round= LOST, Alan vs. Kathy, Includes contestant and ticket plug! (DD-DVD)

(1976 GAME C+) Alan vs. Kathy, Spoiler Round= WON, Alan vs. Joe (DD-DVD)

(1976 GAME C+) Alan vs. Joe, Spoiler Round= LOST, Alan vs. Ed, with long credit roll, last episode of 1976 (DD-DVD)

(1977 GAME C) First episode of 1977, Alan vs. Ed, Spoiler Round= WON, in a CLOSE round…, Alan vs. Judy (DD-DVD)

(1977 GAME C) Alan vs. Judy, Spoiler Round= LOST, Alan retires with $20,500! Kim vs. Michael, with long full credit roll (DD-DVD)

(1977 GAME A) Spolier Round= WON, Mike vs. Nancy (JONP2-DVD)

(1977 GSN A) Spoiler Round= LOST, Nancy vs. Mort, Spoiler Round= WON! Mort vs. Mike

(1977 GAME C-) Contestant Ray takes Alex’s place in the intro! Ray vs. Bob, GREAT close game! HORRIBLE clues in the Spoilers game…totally ridiculous and unfair *squiggly/jumpy video* (GSN100-DVD)

(1977 GAME B+) FINALE! Ilene vs. Andy, Spoiler Round= WON, Ilene vs. John (GSN111-DVD)

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