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Jackpot- Geoff Edwards (1 ep)

(1975 SM B-) With slate, only known existing episode, $38,750 Super Jackpot WIN!



Jackpot- Mike Darrow (2 eps)

(1985 GAME A-) PREMIERE! Near perfect quality, starts with Bruce as the King of the Hill (GSN6-DVD)

(1985 GAME B) Starts with Bruce as the King of the Hill (GSN16-DVD)



Jeopardy!- Art Fleming (4 eps)

(1972 SM A) GREAT QUALITY! The 2,000th episode! With guest MEL BROOKS!

(1974 SM A-) Karen vs. Kent vs. Kim, Very good quality!

(1975 SM A-) FINALE, in GREAT quality! Debbie vs. Robin vs. John, featuring old clips! Now in MUCH better quality (UPGRADE-DVD)

(1979 GAME B+) FINALE, Charlie vs. Susan vs. Doug $5,000 win (BRAS-DVD)



Jeopardy!- Alex Trebek (3 eps)

(1984 GAME A-) Mimi vs. Monte vs. Mike

(1997 GAME B) The 3,000th episode! (GSN114-DVD)

(2007 OB A+) Three way tie episode! (GSN93-DVD)



Jeopardy!- Pat Sajak (1 ep)

(1997 OB C+) The April Fools Day episode! *bright video* (GSN118-DVD)



Just Men!- Betty White (1 ep)

(1983 OC B+) FINALE! Good quality! Tom Reilly, Paul Linke, Robert Sheilds, Charlie Callas, Mike Post, Eric Brown, Bubba Smith, includes a promo for Dream House! *tape error during the main game shows an episode of The Simpsons for a few seconds* Tracking issues, they get better later on (GSN147-DVD)



Knockout- Arte Johnson (1 ep)

(1978 SM C+) *Missing first few minutes and most of credits* Only known existing episode, Includes ticket plug



Legends of the Hidden Temple- Kirk Fogg (1 ep)

(1993 GaS A) The Legend of the Mask of Shaka Zulu. TEMPLE WIN with only one person entering! (GSN94-DVD)



Let's Make a Deal- Monty Hall (10 eps)

(1971 GSN A+) Featuring a CRAZY contestant in the first Deal, and TWO car wins, UNCRUNCHED CREDITS! (GSN92-DVD)

(1972 GSN A) Car win, in the Big Deal UNCRUNCHED CREDITS! (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN27-DVD)

(1972 GSN A) Featuring a game with a scale, $11,000 Big Deal Win UNCRUNCHED CREDITS! (GSN89-DVD)

(1972 GSN A) Featuring three good deals sent back…for a rotten car, UNCRUNCHED CREDITS! (GSN89-DVD)

(1973 GSN A) $9,000 Big Deal win (GSN65-DVD)

(1975 GSN A) Milton Berle plays for a home viewer, $10,000 Big Deal win (GSN65-DVD)

(1975 GSN A) Episode from the LMaD documentary (GSN65-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) Featuring one WEIRD deal! (GSN65-DVD)

(1976 GSN A) $20,000 Big Deal win UNCRUNCHED CREDITS! (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN27-DVD)

(1978 OC A-) Near perfect quality! First dealer: Janice, $11,000 Big Deal win (MIT-DVD)



Lingo- Michael Reagan (1 ep)

(1987 OB B-) Dan and Steve vs. Adel and Kate (GSN142-DVD)



The Magnificent Marble Machine- Art James (1 ep)

(1975 SM C-) Only known existing episode, Florence Henderson and Roddy McDowall *jumpy video, sometimes in black and white, and random bad tracking*



Make The Connection- Gene Rayburn (1 ep)

(1955 GSN A) Betty White, Gene Clavin, Barabara Britton, Eddie Brackett. 1. Two girls who went steady with the same man at the same time 2. Umpire who threw a player out of a game, twice 3. First girl George Jessel ever kissed (GSN82-DVD)



Masquerade Party- Richard Dawson (1 ep)

(1974 SM B) With slate and timecode, Bill Bixby, Lee Meriwhether, Nipsey Russell, MG= ALLEN LUDDEN, in a BIZARRE segment…among others! (GSN122-DVD)



Mindreaders- Dick Martin (1 ep)

(1979 OC B+) Joyce Bulifant and Jack Jones (GSN54-DVD)



Missing Links- Dick Clark (1 ep)

(1964 SM B) Sam Levenson, Kay Ballard, Joel Grey, with timecode (JEN-DVD)



My Generation- Greg Shoemaker (1 ep)

(1998 OB B) Class of 1983 vs. Class of 1971 (GSN138-DVD)



The Name’s the Same- Robert Q. Lewis (1 ep)

(1952 GSN A) Abe Burrows, Joan Alexander, YOUNG Bill Cullen! Names: BILL CULLEN, Martha Washington, Mickey Rooney, A. Groom (GSN27-DVD)



The Name’s the Same- Clifton Fadiman (1 ep)

(1955 GSN A) FINALE! Joan Alexander, Mike Wallace, Audrey Meadows, Roger Price, Names: Stonewall Jackson, Will Steal, *small ten second pause during questioning*, I. Steal, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Special Guest: Gil Hodges, (GSN106-DVD)



Name That Tune- Tom Kennedy (1 ep, 1 clip)

(1974? OB B+) The final ten minutes or so of an episode, just the Golden Medley and credits, Gina at the Golden Medley

(1977 OC B+) Richie vs. Joan, plus Karen Rockman’s $100,000 win! (GSN112-DVD)



Newlywed Game- Bob Eubanks (14 eps)

(1966 KINE-OC B) Black and white, daytime, 15th episode ever! With a HORRIBLE couple…and a couple with a perfect score! Includes contestant and question plug

(1968 KINE-OC B+) Black and white episode, Primetime

(1974 GAME B-) The ABC daytime finale

(1977 GSN A) “In the ass!”

(1979 GSN A) “From the plug to the vibrator!”

(1985 GAME A-) “25 point boner…”

I also have eight others from the 1979-1980 season from GSN, send me an e-mail for names.

(GSN4, GSN25, GSN26, GSN41, GSN52, GSN55, GSN72, GSN74, GSN105, DAR4)



Nick Arcade- Phil Moore (2 eps)

(1992 GaS A) Mike and Jay vs. Deborah and Zahr (GSN93-DVD)

(1992 GaS A) Christie and Joe vs. Rhonda and Jayson (GSN93-DVD)



Now You See It- Jack Narz (16 eps)


(1974 GSN A) 2nd episode, Champion: Linda (GSN127-DVD)

(1974 GSN A) 3rd episode, Champion: Linda (GSN128-DVD)

(1974 GSN A) 4th episode, Champion: Linda (GSN129-DVD)

(1974 GSN A+) Champion: Bill, Board error in the bonus game! TOUGH bonus round loss!

(1974 GSN A+) Champion: Julie, $8,000 win! (GSN134-DVD)

(1974 GAME B) Champion: Barbara (GSN125-DVD)

(1974 GSN A) Champion: Shelly (GSN47-DVD)

(1974 GAME B-) Champion: Claire, $7,000 win! (GSN55-DVD)

(1974 GAME A-) Champion: Rosemary, $13,000 in the bank (GSN146-DVD)

(1975 GSN A) Champion: Carly (GSN50-DVD)

(1975 GSN A) Champion: Carly (GSN50-DVD)

(1975 GSN A) Champion: Carly, TOUGH bonus round loss (GSN50-DVD)

(1975 GSN A) Champion: Carly, $12,000 win! (GSN50-DVD)

(1975 GAME A) Champion: Judy, TOUGH bonus round loss, frozen clock error during bonus game (GSN139-DVD)

(1975 GAME A-) FINALE! Champion: Pat, $6,000 win! And a $5,000 win! (JEN-DVD)



Now You See It- Chuck Henry (2 eps)

(1989 OC A+) AMAZING PICTURE QUALITY! Lois vs. Nancy, Includes contestant and ticket plugs, and LONG full credit roll (JOEL2-DVD)

(1989 OB B-) Andrea vs. Scott, from finale week MELTDOWN in the Bonus Round… (GSN75-DVD)



Number, Please- Bud Collyer (1 ep)

(1961 GSN A+) The only known existing episode



Pass the Buck- Bill Cullen (2 eps)

(1978 GAME A) Starts at Annette at the bonus round, Matt vs. Annette vs. Bill vs. Cynthia, $5,000 win!

(1978 GAME A) Margie vs. Tony vs. Bill vs. Susan, The amazing “Sue has the flu” episode!



Personality- Larry Blyden (1 ep)

(1969 GAME A-) Jack Cassidy, Joan Rivers, and Flip Wilson (JEN-DVD)



Play Your Hunch- Merv Griffin (1 ep)

(1960 GSN A) Primetime premiere. Merv SINGS...Lovejoy vs. Danforth...JOHNNY OLSON CAMEO! Guest: Jonathon Winters (GSN82-DVD)



Price is Right, The- Bill Cullen (4 eps)

(1957 OC A-) Donna vs. Harold vs. Beatrice vs. Ellen (JOEL2-DVD)

(1958 GAME A) Bill salutes Sam Levenson for subbing for him! Betsy vs. Jack vs. Haddie vs. Alfred

(1958 GAME A) Karen vs. Bill vs. Dolly vs. Gregory, Karen gets a little overexcited… (CUL-DVD)

(1963 GAME B+) Celebrity Guest: Pat Carroll (GSN139-DVD)



Price is Right, The- Dennis James (1 ep)

(1975 SM B-) With slate, One Right Price, Any Number, Grocery Game, DOUBLE OVERBID IN SHOWCASE



Price is Right, The- Bob Barker (9 eps)

(1972 SMw/OC B) 3rd episode, Grocery Game, Bullseye I, One Right Price Includes ticket plug (GSN141-DVD)

(1980 SM B) Syndication FINALE! Money Game, Cliffhangers, 1 Right Price, with slate (JONP-DVD)

(1980 GAME B-) VANNA WHITE’S EPISODE! Hi-Lo, Lucky Seven, Poker Game, Barker’s Bargain Bar, Money Game, Cliffhangers (LIGHT2-DVD)

(1984 OB C-) *squiggly picture* Most Expensive, On the Nose, Balance Game, Squeeze Play, Three Strikes, Grand Game, (DAR3-DVD)

(1992 OC B) Special 30 minute episode! Lucky Seven, Cliffhangers, Pick a Number

(2006 OB A) Christmas episode! Burton Richardson sub announces, Golden Road, Grand Game, Balance Game, Barker’s Bargain Bar, That’s Too Much, Secret X (GSN66-DVD)

(2007 OB A) Clock Game, Cliffhangers, Temptation, Side By Side, Grand Game, That’s Too Much (GSN42-DVD)

(2007 OC A+) Final MDS for Bob! *My recorder sucks so the intro is missing* Golden Road, It’s In The Bag, More or Less, Cliffhangers, Lucky Seven, Push Over

(2007 OB A) BOB’S FINAL SHOW!!!! ‘Nuff said! (PRICE-DVD)



Price is Right, The- Tom Kennedy (1 ep)

(1985 OC C+) Safe Crackers, Switcheroo, One Right Price, for those who are desperate to see Johnny Olson in a fur coat and pom poms, YOUR WISH WILL COME TRUE! Featuring an All New Let’s Make a Deal contest commercial! (DAR3-DVD)



Prime Games- Various (1 clip)

(1995 GAME A-) Peter Tomarken hosts, intro only



Quick on the Draw- Paul Winchell (1 ep)

(1952 OB B-) Merle vs. Warren (GSN63-DVD)



Quiz Kids Challenge- Jonathon Prince (1 ep)

(1990 OB B) General episode (GSN142-DVD)



$ale of the Century- Jim Perry (2 eps)

(1983 OB D-) PREMIERE! Dreadful quality… muddy, jumpy, bad audio

(1989 OC B) FINALE! John vs. Jody vs. Frank, $6,000 win! Look, it’s Jim’s wife, June! (GSN60-DVD)



Say When!!- Art James (1 ep, 1 clip)

(1961 KINE C+) The pilot/premiere *low audio*

(196? SM B+) The peanut butter clip, in color! (GSN113-DVD)



Scattergories- Dick Clark (1 ep)

(1993 OB B+) Great Quality! PREMIERE! (GSN143-DVD)



Scrabble- Chuck Woolery (4 eps)

(1985 USA B-) Tournament of champions FINALE! *bad commercial edits, the show comes back black and white for a few seconds every return from break* $49,500 WIN! (GSN83-DVD)

(1987 OB B) From Game Show Hosts Week! Bill Rafferty vs. Tom Kennedy, HILARIOUS moment when Bill loses! Marc Summers takes Chuck’s place after game one!! Chuck Woolery vs. John Davidson, HILARIOUS moment by Chuck! $10,000 Sprint win!

(1988 USA B) Gold vs. John, Debbie vs. Ivan, $5,000 Sprint win! *Ends in the middle of credits* (MC-DVD)

(1993 OB B+) GREAT QUALITY! PREMIERE! Deb vs. George (GSN142-DVD)



Shop 'Till You Drop- Pat Finn (1 ep)

(2000 GSN A)- General episode. Grand prize win! (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN7-DVD)



Showoffs- Bobby Van (1 ep)

(1975 SM B-) The only known existing ep, now in MUCH better quality! *video shaky, some light tracking issues* (WALLIS-DVD)



Split Second- Monty Hall (1 ep)

(1986 OB C+) Lisa vs. Marty vs. Elizabeth (Credits cut) (GSN16-DVD)



Strike it Rich- Joe Garagiola (1 ep)

(1986 OC B+) 2nd episode, great quality! Andy and Denise vs. Steve and Marian, $100 won in the Bonus Round (GSN147-DVD)



Stumpers!- Allen Ludden (1 ep)

(1976 OC B) PREMIERE! Dick Gautier and Robert Reed, Tom Kennedy cameo! (GSN137-DVD)



Think Fast- Michael Carrington (4 eps)

(1989 GaS B) Matt and Kimberly vs. Wendy and Jeff, Locker Room win! (GAS1-DVD)

(1989 NICK B) Jeff and Sonya vs. Neil and Maureen Locker Room win! (GAS1-DVD)

(1989 NICK B) Pat and Chris vs. Tina and Jim (GAS1-DVD)

(1989 NICK C+) Joe and Melissa vs. Brandy and Jason (GAS1-DVD)



Think Fast- Skip Lackey (10 eps)

(1990 NICK C+) Frica and Braham vs. Reagan and Brian (GAS1-DVD)

(1990 NICK C+) Candy and Dustin vs. Ariana and Troy (GAS1-DVD)

(1990 NICK B-) Julie and Jimmy vs. Drena and Dave (GAS2-DVD)

(1990 NICK C+) Jennifer and Omar vs. Matthew and Kristen (GAS2-DVD)

(1990 NICK B) Melissa and Brian vs. Angela and Mark (GAS2-DVD)

(1990 NICK B) Tina and Louis vs. Kelsey and Shawn (GAS2-DVD)

(1990 NICK B-) Camyisha and James vs. Erica and Scooter Locker Room win! (GAS2-DVD)

(1990 NICK C+) Cynthia and Cari vs. Leza and Josh (GAS2-DVD)

(1990 NICK C+) *TERRIBLE KERMIT IMPRESSION ALERT* Peyton and Tate vs. Millie and Brian (GAS3-DVD)

(1990 NICK B) Autumn and Chris vs. Stephanie and Trey (GAS3-DVD)



3's a Crowd- Jim Peck (3 eps)

(1979 GSN A) PREMIERE! One secretary and wife almost duke it out. Great emcee, bad show...SOME CREDITS LEFT IN! (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN5-DVD)

(1979 GAME B+) Ken vs. Don vs. Doug (GSN113-DVD)

(1979 GAME A+) Bill vs. Wes vs. Darren



Tic Tac Dough- Wink Martindale (9 eps)

(1979 GAME B) *low audio* Roberta vs. Barbara, Robert on Beat the Dragon: 3=$100, 7=$300, 8=$150, 5=TIC, 4=DRAGON, Roberta vs. Jim (GSN116-DVD)

(1979 GAME B) *low audio, and VERY jumpy* Roberta vs. Jim, Jim on Beat the Dragon: 5=$500, 1=$150, 9=$250, Jim QUITS in the middle, and it was a smart move! Jim vs. Charlene (GSN116-DVD)

(1979 GAME B) *low audio* Charlene vs. Kari, a LONG game! Charlene on Beat the Dragon: 9=$300, 6=TAC, 7=$250, 5=$150, 8=DRAGON (GSN116-DVD)

(1978 GAME A) Charlene vs. Gary, featuring and ad from 1995 with DENNIS JAMES!! Gary on Beat the Dragon: 5=TIC, 3=$500, 8=$100, 1=$300, Gary vs. Kathy

(1979 GAME B) Gary vs. David, Gary on Beat the Dragon: 2=TIC, 9= $400, 3=$300, 4=TAC, Gary vs. Phil, Gary on Beat the Dragon: 4=$400, 1=TAC, 8=$500, 7=$300 (GSN116-DVD)

(1980 GSN A+) Thom McKee vs. Stan, Thom in Beat the Dragon: 6=DRAGON, with a HILARIOUS moment, Thom vs. Gloria, MID SHOW FEE PLUGS LEFT IN BY GSN!! (GSN111-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Thom McKee vs. Gloria, Thom in Beat the Dragon: 7=$400, 9=TAC, 3=$150, 1=$300, 5=DRAGON, Thom's total=$312,700, Thom vs. Erik (Taken from GSN's 50 Greatest Game Shows special) (GSN1-DVD)

(1983 OC B) Penny vs. Gina, Penny on Beat the Dragon: 6=$100, 2=$150, 3=$300, 5=TIC, 1=TAC, Dragon Finder game played, Includes ticket plug, Penny vs. Stan (GSN103-DVD)

(1985 GAME B-) Wink’s last show, Gisele on Beat the Dragon: 5=$500, 1=$250, 8=$150, 7=TIC, 3=DRAGON, Gisele vs. Bonnie, Gisele on Beat the Dragon: 8=$400, 5=TIC, 2=TAC Gisele vs. Archie (GSN35-DVD)



Tic Tac Dough- Jim Caldwell (1 ep)

(1986 OC A-) FINALE! Great quality! Dwier vs. Laurie, Includes ticket plug, Laurie on Beat the Dragon: $1,000 win, Jim shows a clip of Thom McKee and tells us how he’s doing today! (GSN140-DVD)



Time Machine- John Davidson (1 ep)

(1985 OC A-) PREMIERE! Great quality! Greg vs. Barbara vs. Shannon *no credits* (GSN147-DVD)



To Say the Least- Tom Kennedy (1 ep)

(1978 OC B) Ruta Lee, Sharon Glass, Paul Sylvan, Jamie Farr, FANTASTIC $5,000 win! (GSN137-DVD)



(New) Treasure Hunt- Geoff Edwards (3 eps)

(1974 GSN A+) $25,000 won! Another woman gets what everyone THINKS is a klunk...FEE PLUGS LEFT IN BY GSN!(Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN6-DVD with fee plugs, one in better shape and with some credits on TH-DVD)

(1981 GAME A-) First contestant: Lisa (DAR3-DVD)

(1981 GAME B)  First contestant: Marian



Trivia Trap- Bob Eubanks (9 eps)

(1984 GSN A) PREMIERE! Peggy, Shirley, Marsh vs. Molly, Philip, Cheryl, $10,000 win! (GSN120-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) 2nd episode, Barbara, Don, Mary vs. Molly, Phillip, Cheryl (GSN127-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) 3rd episode, Lea, Albert, Lucy vs. Mollie, Phillip, Cheryl, Down to the wire trivia race! (GSN128-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) 4th episode, Lea, Albert, Lucy vs. Sandy, Garrett, Danna, $10,000 win! (GSN129-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) All Star Week: Tom Poston, Jamie Farr, Bill Cullen vs. Betty White, Vicki Lawrence, and Jayne Meadows, CREDITS LEFT IN BY GSN! (GSN127-DVD)

(1984 GAME B) All Star Week: Tom Poston, Jamie Farr, Bill Cullen vs. Betty White, Vicki Lawrence, and Jayne Meadows *low and fuzzy audio* (GSN109-DVD)

(1984 OC B) All Star Week: Jamie Farr, Tom Poston, Bill Cullen vs. Betty White, Vicki Lawrence, and Jayne Meadows, last ever episode to use the first format, $10,000 win!, Includes contestant plug, and long credit roll (DAR3-DVD)

(1984 GSN A+) Rick, Joyce, Melissa vs. Linda, Gary, Lisa, $10,000 win!
(1985 OC B-) FINALE!!! With Bob Eubanks’ goodbye speech, $10,000 win!



TV’s Funniest Game Show Moments- William Shatner (1 special)

(1984 OC B+) Cool one hour game show bloopers special! Bob Barker, Mark Goodson, Richard Dawson, Bill Cullen, Gene Rayburn, Bert Convy (GSN145-DVD)



20 Questions- Bill Slater (1 ep)

(1950 KIN B) Special guest: Eleanor Speether (GSN63-DVD)



Twenty One- Jack Barry (1 ep)

(1957 OC B) THE episode (GSN110-DVD)



Two For the Money- Sam Levenson (1 ep)

(1954 GSN A) General episode (GSN55-DVD)



The Video Game- Greg Winfield (1 ep)

(1984 OC B+) The most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen… (GSN124-DVD)



What's Going On?- Lee Bowman (2 eps)

(1954 GSN A) Susie Oakland Cliff Norton, Kitty Carlisle 1. Washing windows 86 floors above street. Funny moments in this! 2. Burning old money 3. Eating Chinese dinner with chopsticks. Last five minutes act like first five minutes of Lewis Get The Message episode I have (GSN25-DVD)

(1954 GAME A-) Jayne Meadows, Hy Gardner, Kitty Carlisle 1. Getting ice skating lesson, poor poor Cliff Norton! 2. Kissing under a kissing rock 3. Gene Raymond plays Santa Claus in Macy’s



Wheel of Fortune- Chuck Woolery (6 eps)

(1976 GSN A+) Gerry vs. Linda vs. Lee

(1978 OC B) Scott vs. Glenda vs. Gail, with the Star Bonus *Susan’s intro clipped* (GSN98-DVD)

(1978 OC B) Scott vs. Peggy vs. Laura, with the Star Bonus *Missing intro and some of credits* (GSN98-DVD)

(1979 OC B-) Gwen vs. Bryan vs. Anita (Featuring terrible luck in round 2!) (LIGHT-DVD)

(1979 OC B+) Lou vs. Allan vs. Jackie (GSN99-DVD)

(1980 OC A) GREAT QUALITY! Paul vs. Diane vs. Cathy, Chuck addresses Wheel’s cancellation…which could’ve been! With NBC News Update



Wheel of Fortune- Pat Sajak (13 eps)

(1982 OC B+) Great quality! Beverly vs. Dorian vs. Bill (GSN114-DVD)

(1982 GSN A+) VANNA’S DEBUT! With some LUCKY spins…

(1983 GSN A+) Syndication PREMIERE! Jeff vs. Leslie vs. Linda, car win!

(1983 GAME A-) Syndication, Mike vs. Sonya vs. Betty, Car win! (GSN147-DVD)

(1986 OC B) Daytime, Teen Week, with SUSAN STAFFORD SUBBING FOR VANNA! Peter vs. Aurora vs. Wendy, Car win! Full-screen credits (GSN123-DVD)

(1987 GSN A+) Syndication, from the month of cash, John vs. Nancy vs. Peter

(1988 GSN A+) First day of the show visiting NYC, DON PARDO ANNOUNCES, Meg vs. Dave vs. Matt, Dick Cavett cameo! $25,000 win, and some credits left in by GSN!

(1989 GSN A+) Pat’s Daytime FINALE! (GSN117-DVD)

(1992 GSN A+) 10th anniversary of the syndicated version! With clips and such! (GSN117-DVD)

(1996 GSN A+) Tim vs. David vs. Kim

(1997 GSN A+) First ever episode with the current puzzleboard! Jim vs. Nancy vs. Joel, car win

(2003 GSN A+) The 4,000th episode, with fullscreen credits!

(2007 OB A+) Erica vs. Lois vs. Mike, $35,000 win! (GSN93-DVD)



Wheel of Fortune- Alex Trebek (1 ep)

(1997 GSN A+) The AWESOME episode where Pat and Vanna play!



Whew!- Tom Kennedy (2 eps, 1 clip)

(1979 OC C+) Partial episode, Gene vs. Carrie (One KOOKY contestant, to steal a Scooby Doo term), starts at final round, then has OC, then goes to The Gauntlet of Villians, where Carrie wins $25,000, then the credits! The clip is about 8 minutes (GSN122-DVD)

(1979 SM B+) Pat wins $500 on the Gauntlet of Villains, Pat vs. Randy Amasia, Includes HILARIOUS contestant plug…Rod, are you okay? (GSN114-DVD)

(1979 SM B) Randy Amasia wins $25,000! Annalise vs. David (GSN114-DVD)



Who Said That?- Walter Kiernan

(1953 OC B+) General episode (GSN110-DVD)



Win Ben Stein's Money- Ben Stein (2 eps)

(2000 GSN A) $5,000 win! (GSN5-DVD)

(2000 GSN A) $5,000 win! Ben has to drop his pants, and so does Jimmy! (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN1-DVD)



Win, Lose or Draw- Bert Convy (2 eps)

(1987 GSN A) Betty White and Annie Potts vs. Dom Deluise and Burt Reynolds (From premiere week, Taken from GSN's 50 greatest Game Shows special) (GSN1-DVD)
(1987 GAME B+) Barbara Eden, Donna Pescow, Richard Kline, Ricardo Montleban, one WHACKJOB of a contestant…(DAR4-DVD)



Win, Lose or Draw- Vicki Lawrence (1 ep)

(1989 OC A-) NEAR PERFECT QUALITY! Kim Fields and Jess Walton vs. Hollywood Hamilton and Jed Allen (GSN120-DVD)



Winner Take All- Bill Cullen (1 ep)

(1952 GSN A) General episode. Bill looks so young here! (GSN55-DVD)



Winning Streak- Bill Cullen (1 ep)

(1974 GAME A-) Only know existing episode (GSN73-DVD)



Wipeout- Peter Tomarken (1 ep)

(1988 OB C-) Nikki vs. Kathy vs. Kevin, Peter accidentally calls the Wipeout board “The Whammy!” Includes contestant and ticket plugs *Ends in the middle of fee plugs, no credits* (GSN110-DVD)



You Don’t Say!- Tom Kennedy (4 eps)

(1964 OC A) Betty White and Barry Sullivan, one of the words is Garry Moore! (JEN-DVD)

(1967 OC A-) Pat Carroll and Mel Torme (GSN88-DVD)

(1975 SM B-) Bob Ridgley, Conny Van Dyke, Larry Hovis, Ann Elder GREAT $10,00 win! Also a $5,000 win *VERY jumpy video for the first minute or so*

(1975 SM C) With slate, and from the finale week? Rex Reed, Conny Van Dyke, June Lockheart, Larry Hovis, $2,000 win! Includes ticket plug *jumpy video and fuzzy audio* (GSN119-DVD)



You Don’t Say!- Jim Peck (2 eps)

(1978 OC A+) Bob Ridgley, Charlie Brill, Dick Gautier, and Ann Elder, Near perfect quality!, One of the words is Bennett Cerf!, REALLY unfair moment in the bonus game… (MIT-DVD)

(1978 SM B+) With slate, and weird messages by John Harlan during the slate about girls wanting to talk to Bill Yagerman… Charlie Brill, Nipsey Russell, Dick Gautier, Conny Van Dyke, With one GREAT contestant, with great guesses! $10,000 win!