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Press Your Luck's page

Press Your Luck- Peter Tomarken (25 eps 1 segment)

(1983 OC C+) PREMIERE! Lana $11734 vs. Linda $14954 vs. Bill $0 (Whammied out) *First and last commercial breaks missing* (JIM-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Jerry $2000 vs. Linda $5250 vs. Rick $6950 (GSN20-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Larson's reign of terror in FULL! (Taken from GSN's 50 Greatest Game Shows) (GSN26-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Mike $15069 vs. Jo $16829 vs. Jeffie $17698 TONS OF CASH AT STAKE! Great episode (GSN21-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Jana $0 vs. Jobe $4500 vs. Jeffie $14702 (GSN21-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Lori $600 vs. Mauri $0 vs. Mike $12944 (GSN21-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Ron (With the Whammy wand!) $8450 vs. Randy $10050 vs. Suzanne $2595 (GSN77-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Pam $0 vs. Kathy $19866 vs. Clifton $7500 (GSN24-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) FIRST EVER DAY OF THE HOME PLAYER SWEEPSTAKES! Barbara $0 vs. Menard $18050 vs. Keith $14850, HPS= $1,400 MENARD COMEBACK EPISODE! A classic! (GSN36-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Chris $0 vs. Dom $0 vs. Diane $0, THREE WAY TIE!! (GSN45-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Chris $15089 vs. Dom $0 vs. Diane $6263 (GSN45-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Casey $0 (Whammied out) vs. Chris $21468 vs. Skip $0 (Whammied out), TONS of passed spins, EXCITING SPIN BATTLE! (GSN45-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Chris $12252 vs. Paula $2499 vs. Ron $8668 (GSN45-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Peter’s Wink Martindale impression only (GSN62-DVD)

(1984 GSN A+) *John Harlan sub-announces!* Betty $0 (Whammied out) vs. Tissa $8120 vs. Bob $800 (GSN106-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Philip $4685 vs. Kirby $1874 vs. Joanna $14981 HPS= $750 (GSN8-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Michael $4550 vs. Jodi $0 (Whammied out) vs. Jennie Jones (Yes, THAT Jenny Jones...) $8084 HPS= $500 (GSN4-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Rod Roddy cameo! Steve $0 (Whammied out) vs. Pam $9352, vs. Philip $21898 Philip is an AWESOME player (GSN36-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Sam $2500 vs. Jim $0 vs. Pamela $7278. Infamous Jim Hess episode! Let's put it this way, he's a bit of a baby and a sore loser... (GSN33-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Barbara $2000 vs. Judy $9899 vs. Evan $8700 HPS= $500 (GSN41-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Kirby $7764 vs. Ellen $2295 vs. Robin $0 (Whammied out) HPS=$3,000 (GSN43-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Rod Roddy Cameo! Corkey $6998 vs. Ginger $8300 vs. Bertie $9543

(1985 GSN A) Jin $18297 vs. Nancy $0 vs. John $3500 (GSN66-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Mary $0 vs. Susan $12000 vs. Mike $9742 (GSN52-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Brian $9350 vs. Becky $2000 vs. Vicki $14823 Vicki was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Peter welcomes WITI-TV in Wisconsin (GSN9-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Mark $0 (Whammied out) vs. Carolyn $0 (Whammied out) vs. Yolanda $8650 HPS=$500 (GSN68-DVD)

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