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Sitcoms and other television

This is for trading with me for sitcoms, cartoons, sports, and other television.

California Raisins (1 special)

Meet the Raisins (Also have it in OB form, but not currently catalogued, so don’t ask for it yet, A+ quality)



Darkroom (1 ep)

The aired pilot from a Sci-Fi repeat, Includes the stories “Closed Circuit” and “Stay Tuned, We’ll Be Right Back”, B+-ish quality



Donahue (1 clip)

One clip from an episode from 1979/1980, with guest Mike Douglas, about fifteen minutes long, with OC (A quality)



Live with Regis and Kathie Lee (1 ep):

-Henry Winkler subs for Regis (1993...will find exact date soon, OC, B quality, not available yet)



Mary Tyler Moore (1 ep)

The finale, OB, with the original credits and the syndie credits, A- quality



Out of This World (2 eps)

75. Forget Your Troubles, an OB from 1990 (GSN118-DVD) B+ quality

79. I Want my Evie TV, an OB from 1990 (GSN118-DVD) B+ quality



Small Wonder (1 ep)

78. Game Show, an OB from 1988, with special guest GEOFF EDWARDS! *Low audio* (GSN118-DVD) C- quality



Soul Train (1 ep)

From the “Best of Soul Train” series, a classic 70’s episode with guests Kool and the Gang!! A+ quality






-The 1982 NBA Draft, from an NBATV repeat of a USA Network airing, only picks 1-18 damn NBATV…includes Dominique Wilkins, James Worthy, Trent Tucker (Getting booed!), Clark Kellog, among others


-The 1984 NBA Draft, from an NBATV repeat of a USA Network airing, only the full First Round…includes Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, John Stockton and THE MAN, THE ICON, THE SHOWSTOPPER, THE LIVING LEGEND…SAM. BOWIE. Watch in amazement as Sam Bowie WALKS without getting injured! Puts on a Blazer hat WITHOUT injuring his head! Sam at his healthiest!


-The Philadelphia 76ers vs. The Milwaukee Bucks, Game 7 of the 1986 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, an NBATV repeat of a CBS broadcast, an excellent game that gets REALLY down to the wire, with a fantastic finish at the end! Sidney Moncrief plays as best as he can damn near crippled (He was never the same after this series, the most games he played after this series in a season was like 38), and Julius Irving, Charles Barkley and Bobby Jones (In his final season himself) try their best to get a victory without the injured Moses Malone and Andrew Toney, Commentators: Brent Musberger and Billy Cunningham, NBATV even left in the awesome NBA on CBS intro, the video is lightly shaky, probably due to a deteriorating copy that they have, doesn’t effect the game! (2 hours)


-The New Jersey Nets vs. The Golden State Warriors, from February 1st, 1987, an ESPN Classic repeat of a local WWOR-9 possibly? broadcast, GREAT game with multiple overtimes involved! Commentators: Steve Albert and Bill Raftery (2 hours)


-The Boston Celtics vs. The Detroit Pistons, from Game Five of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals, an NBATV repeat of a Sportschannel (TBS?) broadcast, the infamous Bird stealing the ball to DJ for a layup game! And check out Robert Parish beating the crap out of Bill Laimbeer for a rebound! Commentators: Bob Neal and Doug Collins (2 hours)


-Vintage NBA episode focusing on Dennis Johnson. Shows a lot of footage from a game from the 1979 Finals where Johnson took over for the Sonics (30 mins)


-Patrick Ewing: Man in the Middle, 30 minute special about Patrick Ewing aired on MSG Network, aired due to his number being retired by Madison Square Garden! Narrated by a young and then unknown Gus Johnson


-The Full, Original broadcast, halftime of the Knicks vs. Magic where Patrick Ewing gets his number retired!