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1972: The New Price is Right, Gambit, The Joker’s Wild (GSN13-DVD) B

1973: $10,000 Pyramid, Hollywood’s Talking (GSN13-DVD) B

1978: The $20,000 Pyramid

Promo for “Bob’s golf tips” fake video from Game Show Network A+



Documentaries- Various (9)

What’s My Line? At 25 (OB 1975 B-) The RARE ABC tribute special with John Charles Daly, Arlene Francis, and Mark Goodson hosting and showing clips of various episodes. (BLI-DVD)

Big Bucks, The Press Your Luck Scandal (GSN 2006 B+). Bad storm makes the first hour or so kind of weird...but still a B+ watching wise, and it goes smooth sailing right after about an hour. (GSN72-DVD)

Chuck Barris: My Life on the Edge (GSN 2006 A) (GSN57-DVD)

The Real Match Game: Behind the Blank (GSN 2006 A) (GSN84-DVD)

Game Show Countdown: Top Ten Hosts (GSN 2007 A) (GSN67-DVD)

Greatest Game Show Moments (GSN 2007 A) (GSN43-DVD)

Celebrities and Game Shows (GSN 2007 A) (GSN21-DVD)

The Women Who Changed Game Shows (GSN 2007 A) (GSN23-DVD)

The Insider’s Guide to Winning Game Show Millions (GSN 2007 A) (GSN68-DVD)



The 1996 pitch film Game Show Network sent out to cable companies, hosted by Pat Sajak with Peter Tomarken explaining the interactive portion. Around ten minutes. (GSN13-DVD) B-




- Clips of various game show bloopers, in OB. Clips of The Price is Right, and clips of Dick Clark/Ed McMahon’s blooper specials involving game shows, with… Dick Clark CURSING?!, Las Vegas Gambit with the girl falling out of her chair! The Joker’s Wild with the broken lever! More The Joker’s Wild “… those are not the categories”, Name That Tune infamous un-opened safe moment, The $100,000 Pyramid, The Challengers, 14 minutes long in B quality (GSN143-DVD)

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