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Blockbusters- Bill Cullen (16 eps, 1 clip)

(1980 GSN A) PREMIERE! JoAnne vs. Tom and Joe, $2,500 win, Nancy vs. Tom and Joe (GSN57-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Two $5,000 Gold Run wins by LaRae, one done in less then 25 seconds! (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN5-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) LaRae vs. James and Ruby, *Small 15 second freeze-up when LaRae celebrates her $2,500 win*, $5,000 win by LaRae, LaRae vs. Jerrilyn and Barbara (GSN58-DVD)

(1981 GSN A) Dale vs. Katie and Juanita, Dale wins $5,000 on Gold Run, Dale vs. Vaughna and Robin, Dale is a fantastic contestant, Bill welcomes WCAT in Florida (GSN8-DVD)

(1981 GSN A) Dennis vs. Joel and Shari, Shari breaks the Gold Rush record by winning in 20 seconds! $5,000 won, Kelly vs. Joel and Shari (GSN71-DVD)

(1981 GSN A) Bruce vs. Les and Doris, $5,000 Gold Rush win by Les, Andrew vs. Les and Doris (GSN40-DVD)

(1981 GSN A) Bonnie vs. Sandy and Bev *Bad Joke Alert...* $5,000 win! Nelda vs. Sandy and Bev

(1981 GSN A) Jim vs. Karen and Kathy, from Christmas week, and yay for poorly done Christmas tree! (GSN76-DVD)

(1981 GSN A) Mike vs. Karen and Kathy, Terrie vs. Karen and Kathy. (GSN77-DVD)

(1981 GSN A+) Greg vs. Pat and Liz, $5,000 win, Jayne vs, Pat and Liz (BLOCK-DVD)

(1981 GSN A+) Jayne vs, Pat and Liz $5,000 win, Beau vs. Pat and Liz, $5,000 win (BLOCK-DVD)

(1981 GSN A+) Monica vs. Pat and Liz, $5,000 win, Melinda vs. Pat and Liz (BLOCK-DVD)

(1981 GSN A+) Melinda vs, Pat and Liz, $5,000 win, and Pat and Liz retire with $120,000, Sharon vs. Allen and Michael (BLOCK-DVD)

(1981 GSN A+) Funny clip of Bill Cullen that is a running joke with a friend of mine and I, where Bill comes back from a commercial with people booing him, “LET’S HEAR IT FOR HITLER!”

(1982 GSN A) Deborah vs. Paul and Margie, It’s Bill Cullen’s birthday! J, $5,000 win, Laurie vs. Paul and Margie (GSN24-DVD)

(1982 GSN A) What’s this? THE INTRO ISN’T SPED UP?! Penni vs. Nancy and Margie $5,000 win, Gordon vs. Nancy and Margie, BOB HILTON CAMEO! (GSN47-DVD)

(1982 GSN A) *Rich Jeffries announces…eww…* John Hatten vs. Katie and Andy, *Interesting story about how John was originally going to be in a family pair!*, Bill corrects a question card!, $5,000 win, John Hatten vs. Cec and Cecil (GSN86-DVD)



Blockbusters- Bill Rafferty (6 eps)

(1987 GSN A) PREMIERE! Debbie vs. Stacy, Debbie vs. Karis (JIM-DVD)

(1987 OB B+) NICE quality for its age, Bob vs. Candy, $5,000 win with NO questions missed! Bob vs. Laurel Includes contestant plug (GSN113-DVD)

(1987 OC C-) *Buggy intro* Bob vs. Vanessa, Includes contestant plug, $5,000 win, Bob vs. Annette (GSN113-DVD)

(1987 OB B+) NICE quality for its age, Bob vs. Annette, LAST SECOND $5,000 win! (GSN114-DVD)

(1987 GSN A+) Mike (Interesting looking dude… He looks less like a game show contestant and more like a professional wrestler…) vs. Debbi, $5,000 win!

(1987 OB C+) FINALE! Patti vs. Pete, Bill mentions the debut of Classic Concentration, with a contestant plug for the show airing! With the “Executive Decision” bonus round (DAR4-DVD)

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