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$1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime- Jim Lange (1 ep)

(1986 OC B+) Second season premiere episode, Good quality! *Counter on the top right on the screen* (GSN147-DVD)



50 Grand Slam- Tom Kennedy (1 ep)

(1976 OC B) PREMIERE! ALLEN LUDDEN VISITS! Martha vs. David, Marge vs. Lee, Bonnie vs. Carolyn, includes contestant plug (MCS-DVD)



All-New Let’s Make a Deal- Monty Hall (1 ep)

(1984 GAME B+) First dealer: Mary-Ann (MC-DVD)



All Star Blitz- Peter Marshall (2 eps)
(1985 OC A) GREAT QUALITY! PREMIERE! Leslie Uggams, John Byner, Abby Dalton, Robert Mandan (GSN143-DVD)

(1985 OC B) Anne Bloom, Tom Poston, ROSE MARIE, Sam Berhens, starts with Robin at the bonus game, includes original USA Network commercials, and ticket and contestant plugs (GSN125-DVD)



All Star Secrets- Bob Eubanks (3 eps)

(1979 OC B+) Robert Pine, Dody Goodman, Conrad Bain, Anne Lockheart, Robert Guillaume, Vanessa vs. Michael vs. Dale, Includes ticket plug (GSN100-DVD)

(1979 SM D+) Wilt Chamberlain, Elaine Joyce, Bowzer, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Wayland Flowers and Madame, Includes ticket plug *Very shaky and jumpy video, video muddy and squiggly* (GSN100-DVD)

(1979 OC B+) Bill Cullen, Della Reese, John Schuck, Nanette Fabray, Arte Johnson, Includes contestant plug, Funny moments with Bill Cullen! (GSN101-DVD)



(The New) Battlestars- Alex Trebek (3 eps)

(1982 OB B+) Original FINALE! Tom Poston, Debbie Reynolds, Jenilee Harrison, Rip Taylor, Jimmy Bullock, Ricky Schroeder, Elizabeth vs. Bonnie, $2,000 win, Steve vs. Elizabeth, Elizabeth vs. John (GSN109-DVD)

(1983 OC A-) PREMIERE of New Battlestars! Erik Estrada, Debbie Reynolds, Tom Wopat, Jimmy Bullock, Glenn Scarpeli, Vicki Lawrence, Debbie busts up Bullock’s chair! Now in MUCH better quality! (GSN145-DVD)

(1983 OC A-) FINALE! GREAT QUALITY! Charles Nelson Reilly, Betty White, Candy Clark, Jimmy Bullock, Stuart Damon, Mary Crosby *Tracking issues, not too bad until the credits* (GSN145-DVD)



The $1.98 Beauty Show- Rip Taylor (1 ep)

(1979 GSN A) Anson Williams, Mabel King, Wayland Flowers and Madame. Very funny episode if cruel humor is your thing. (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN7-DVD)



The Better Sex- Sarah Purcell and Bill Anderson (1 ep)

(1978 SM A-) FINALE, with slate, and emotional goodbye, in VERY GOOD QUALITY! (TEMP-DVD)



Blackout- Bob Goen (1 ep)

(1988 OC B+) Great quality! PREMIERE! Markie Post and Charlie Siebert (GSN143-DVD)



Blankety Blanks- Bill Cullen (1 ep)

(1975 SM D+) The premiere with Anne Meara and William Shatner, includes slate (BLI-DVD)



Blank Check- Art James (1 ep)

(1975 SM B) The only known existing episode, first check writer: MAGGIE BROWN! (GSN136-DVD)



Break The Bank- Tom Kennedy (2 eps)

(1976 OC C+) PREMIERE, Abe Vigoda, Alice Ghostley, Jo Ann Pflug, Dick Gautier, Jan Murray, Lynda Carter, Liz Torres, Robert Hedyges, Marjorie Gortner, Marle vs. Ralph, $5,000 Bank broken! *Bright video* (GSN99-DVD)

(1976 GAME B+) Anson Williams, Lee Meriwhether, Liz Torres, Alex Karras, Jan Murray, Janet Dubois, Sandy Duncan, Tom Bosley, Pat McCormick, Fred vs. Dixie, $5,500 Bank Broken!, Fred vs. Laurie, Fred vs. Jill (MCS-DVD)



Break The Bank- Gene Rayburn (1 ep)

(1985 OB C+) Guest Willie Tyler and Lester (BLI-DVD)



Break the Bank- Joe Farago (1 ep)

(1985 OC B+) Great quality! Counter on the top right corner of the screen, Guest Vic Dunlop (GSN125-DVD)



Bullseye- Jim Lange (11 eps)

(1980 USA C) Third episode of the series! Scott gets $2,600 in the bonus round, Scott vs. Helen *tracking line in bottom middle of video* (GSN99-DVD)

(1980 GAME B) Helen vs. Jane, Helen gets $1,100 in the bonus round, Helen vs. Donald

(1980 GAME A-) Helen vs. Donald, Helen gets the lightning in the bonus round, Helen vs. Kathy, Car win! And long credit roll, now in better quality (GSN144-DVD)

(1980 USA A) GREAT QUALITY! Marc gets the lightning in the bonus round, Marc vs. Dick, Dick gets $1,000 in the bound round, Dick vs. Toni, This is where we learn Jim is “very long” ;) (GSN120-DVD)

(1981 USA B+) Good Quality! Pam gets $1,600 in the bonus round, Pam vs. Ron, Ron gets $1,200 in the bonus round, Ron vs. Soni Original USA Ads! Includes contestant plug and long credit roll! (GSN142-DVD)

(1981 USA B-) The final all contestant show, before the Celebrity change-over, Judy gets the lightning in the bonus round, Judy vs. Wemkea, Judy wins $1,100 in the bonus round, Judy vs. Mike

(1981 GAME B+) F. Lee Bailey vs. Patrick Wayne, Wayne wants to be a game show host, I wonder how he did… (JONP-DVD)

(1981 USA B) Donna Pescow vs. Rosey Grier *Small video issues in the beginning of the tape*, Donna gets $700 on the bonus round (GSN115-DVD)

(1982 GAME B) Fred Travalena does a funny impression of Sylvester Stallone killing a fly! Fred gets $600 on the bonus round, Fred vs. Phyliss Diller (GSN115-DVD)

(1982 GAME B+) Ernest Borgnine, vs. Suzy Chafee, Ernest gets $1,600 in the Bonus round, Ernest looks to be having a BLAST out there, Ernest vs. Marla Gibbs (GSN111-DVD)

(1982 OC B) Jerry Mathers vs. Tina Louise, Jerry wins $1,600 in the bonus round, Jerry Mathers vs. Arte Johnson (GSN105-DVD)



Bumper Stumpers- Al Dubois (2 eps)

(1987 USA B+) PREMIERE! Opening bumper: IGO4IT, Original USA Network ads! (GSN144-DVD

(1987 USA B+) Opening Bumper: H20MELON, USA Network ads! (GSN141-DVD)



Caesar’s Challenge- Ahmad Rashad (2 eps)

(1993 OC C-) Babette vs. Michael vs. Heather *jumpy video* (GSN59-DVD)

(1993 OC C-) Babette vs. Gordon vs. Ashley *jumpy video* (GSN60-DVD)



Camouflage- Roger Lodge (2 eps)

(2007 GSN A+) PREMIERE! Craig vs. Kate vs. William, $5,000 win (GSN96-DVD)

(2007 GSN A+) 2nd episode, Philip vs. Melanie vs. Tim (GSN96-DVD)



Catch Phrase- Art James (3 eps)

(1985 OC C) PREMIERE, Michael vs. Ashley, Bonus Round win! *Currently unavailable*

(1985 OC B) Charley vs. Susan, Bonus Round win (GSN16-DVD)

(1985 OC B+) GREAT QUALITY! Bri vs. Chris, Includes sending in a Catch Phrase plug (GSN146-DVD)



Celebrity Sweepstakes- Jim McKrell (1 ep)

(1976 SM A) 1 ep of Carol Wayne, Greg Mullavey, Nipsey Russell, Debralee Scott, Pat Cooper, Alan Sues, FINALE! Near perfect quality! (GSN74-DVD)



The Challengers- Dick Clark (1 ep)

(1990 OC B+) PREMIERE! Great quality! (GSN124-DVD)



Chain Reaction- Bill Cullen (4 eps)

(1980 GAME B+) Lois Nettleton, Soupy Sales, Debralee Scott, Jay Johnson, with one AWFUL bonus round *video a little shaky in the beginning*

(1980 GAME A) Lois Nettleton, Debralee Scott, Jay Johnson, Soupy Sales, Close $10,000 win!

(1980 OC A) GREAT QUALITY! Jo Anne Worley, Steve Kanaly, Sharon Spellman, Sal Viscuso, Two $10,000 wins!

(1980 OC A) FINALE, NEAR PERFECT QUALITY! Betty White, Jay Johnson, Joyce Bulifant, Ron Silver, $10,000 win! Hilarious final bonus and chain! (GSN99-DVD)



(The New) Chain Reaction- Geoff Edwards (1 ep)

(1989 USA B-) Marie vs. Alexis,



The Cheap Show- Dick Martin (1 ep)

(1978 SM D-) Rita Moreno, David Doyle, and Henry Ford (No-show…;)) are the guests, very poor video, dark and hard to see, and very VERY jumpy, nontheless EXTREMLY entertaining, and I hope a better quality version of this episode (Or better yet, more episodes) shows up



Child's Play- Bill Cullen (10 eps)

(1982 GSN B+) PREMIERE! Dawn vs. Trudi (GSN17-DVD)

(1982 GSN A) Debbie vs. Terrie $5,000 WIN! (GSN59-DVD)

(1982 GSN A) Terrie vs. Kathy, *Interesting moment with two brothers describing a word*, Breckin Meyer is in this episode (GSN64-DVD)

(1982 GSN A) Lisa vs. Carol, $5,000 win (GSN67-DVD)

(1982 GSN A) Pam vs. Sam (GSN69-DVD)

(1982 GSN A) Jeff vs. Jana (GSN46-DVD)

(1982 GSN A+) LaVonne vs. William, Featuring a big comeback, and CLOSE back and forth game, great players! $5,000 win (GSN89-DVD)

(1982 GSN A+) Mary Rose vs. Melinda (GSN98-DVD)

(1983 GAME A-) Annie vs. Marilyn, Bill mention’s the show’s cancellation in two weeks! (GSN139-DVD)

(1983 OC A-) FINALE! In good quality! Includes mid show fee plugs. $5,000 win! And a HILARIOUS segment where they ask the kids to describe Bill Cullen! Long credit roll! PRESS YOUR LUCK PREMIERE PROMO! (GSN144-DVD)



Classic Concentration- Alex Trebek (6 eps)

(1987 OB B) Doug vs. Karen, car win! Includes contestant plug, and is missing some fee plugs/credits

(1989 SM C-) *Squiggly video* Lover’s Week, Curtis and Diane vs. Sal and Alice, TOUGH bonus loss, most of credits missing

(1990 OC B+) Good quality! Jill vs. Ed (GSN128-DVD)

(1990 OC B+) Good quality! Michael vs. Michele, TOUGH car loss (GSN128-DVD)

(1990 OC B+) Good quality! Mona vs. Michael, Every prize won by Mona in game one, LAST SECOND CAR WIN! Includes contestant plug! (GSN128-DVD)

(1990 OC B+) Good quality! Carrie vs. Jeff, Includes contestant plug, which Alex does due to Marjorie having issues…;) With full credit roll! (GSN129-DVD)



Club a.m.- Laura Chambers and Steve Day (2 clips, 1 episode)

(1995 GAME B) Intro to an episode with sub-host RAY COMBS!!!

(1995 GAME A-) Intro to an episode, longer than the Ray Combs one, Steve and Laura actually discuss stuff in this ep, segues into an episode of Tic Tac Dough, with the intro to TTD and contestant intros included

(1995 GAME A) Every segment from a day in July of 1995, with BURTON RICHARDSON guest hosting with Laura! Also includes a commercial plug for Johnny Gilbert’s and Charlie O’Donnell’s appearances the next few days! Includes Peter hosting Decades! And ROSEMARY, the big winner from Now You See It in A PHONE INTERVIEW!! Also, questions and stories for/by Burton!



Concentration- Hugh Downs (3 eps)

(1958 OC B) Walter vs. Robert

(1963 OC B+) Challenge of the Champions Finals episode, Dorothy vs. Clara

(1969 OC B) Christmas episode, Bob Clayton vs. Victor Borge!



Concentration- Bob Clayton (1 ep)

(1969 OC B) Christmas episode, Joe Garagiola vs. Hugh Downs!



Concentration- Jack Narz (1 ep, 1 clip)

(1974 SM C+) Barbara vs. David, The last five minutes of an episode, squiggly and bright video in the intro and maingame, which improves during the bonus and credits

(1978 SM C+) Linda vs. Randy (GSN99-DVD)



Couch Potatoes- Marc Summers (2 eps)

(1989 OC B) The Mod Squad vs. The Bosom Buds, Gary Coleman cameo…yes. And BOY does he look excited to be there…Includes ticket plug (GSN125-DVD)

(1989 USA B+) The Avengers vs. The Three Stooges, Includes contestant plug (GSN125-DVD)



The Dating Game- Jim Lange (6 eps)

(1968 GSN A-) Steve Martin is a bachelor (GSN52-DVD)

(1969 GSN A-) John Ritter is a bachelor (GSN55-DVD)

(1978 GSN A) Andy Kaufman is a bachelor in the first game! (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN26-DVD)

(1978 GAME B) Jimmie Walker is a bachelor, and Everyone dances during the credits! (GSN102-DVD)

(1979 GAME B) BOB SAGET, is a bachlelor! (GSN103-DVD)

(1979 GAME B) PEE WEE HERMAN is a bachelor! (GSN103-DVD)

(1979 GAME B) PHIL HARTMAN is a bachelor! (GSN103-DVD)



Decades- Peter Tomarken (2 clips)

(1995 GAME A-) The intro to two episodes



The Diamond Head Game- Bob Eubanks (1 ep)

(1975 GAME B+) Cruise win (GSN74-DVD)



(Celebrity) Double Talk- Henry Polic II (1 ep)

(1986 OC B+) FINALE in good quality! Marcia Wallace and Jamie Farr, *Counter on top right corner of the screen* (GSN124-DVD)



Dream House- Bob Eubanks (1 ep)




Eye Guess- Bill Cullen (1 ep)

(1968 OB B) Only known existing color ep (JOEL-DVD)



Fast Draw- Johnny Gilbert (1 ep)

(1968 SM B) Robert Alda and Anita Gilette *CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE*



Faux Pause- (2 eps)

(1998 GAME A-) The Hollywood Connection 1975 PILOT is… “featured”, and so will your mouth saying “SHUT UP AND LET ME WATCH THE SHOW!” (GSN139-DVD)

(1998 GAME A-) Bullseye from 1980 is… “featured” (GSN144-DVD)



Finders Keepers- Wesley Eure (5 eps)

(1987 NICK B+) Good quality! PREMIERE! Harvey announcing episode! Kathy and Tim vs. Lacey and Justin (GSN146-DVD)

(1987 GaS A) Don and Jill vs. Michelle and Derek RARE HARVEY ANNOUNCING EPISODE! GaS RARELY showed them. (GSN94-DVD)

(1987 GaS A) Alan and Elizabeth vs. Steve and Amy (GAS3-DVD)

(1987 GaS A) Rich and Diane vs. Jaime and Kim (GAS3-DVD)

(1988 GaS A) Jenanine and Luguay vs. Quinn and Orlando (GN93-DVD)



(Fox’s) Fun House- J.D. Roth (1 ep)

(1990 OC A-) GREAT QUALITY! Premiere of the Fox version! Counter on top right corner of the screen (GSN140-DVD)



(Las Vegas) Gambit- Wink Martindale (1 ep)

(1981 OB B+) Nice quality! The O’Neill’s vs. The Pederson’s, AWESOME moment leads to a LUCKY victory for the Pederson’s in game two, with many nail-biting moments in the three game match, Includes ticket plug (GSN122-DVD)



Game Show Moments Gone Bananas- Ben Stein and Randy West (1 ep)

(2005 VH1 A) The 4th episode. A little too much Family Feud and less rare clips, but still funny nonetheless!



The Generation Gap- Dennis Whooley (1 ep)

(1969 OC A-) Guest is The Ohio Express, in great quality! (JEN-DVD)



Get The Message- Frank Buxton (1 ep)

(1964 GSN A) Peggy Cass and Phyliss Newman vs. Orson Bean and Howard Keel (GSN41-DVD)



Get The Message- Robert Q. Lewis (1 ep)

(1964 GSN B) FINALE! First five minutes crap out, but still watchable. Arlene Francis and Barabara Cook vs. Marty Ingels and Douglas Fairbanks: Extra celebs: Joan Fontaine, Mitch Miller, Julia Mees, and Orson Bean (GSN25-DVD)



Get The Picture- Mike O' Malley (1 ep)

(1992 GaS A) Brianna and Matt vs. Sara and Jeff MORON ALERT in the Mega Memory Bonus Round (GAS4-DVD)



Giant Step- Bert Parks (1 ep)

(1956 OC B+) General episode, Grand prize win! (GSN110-DVD)



Give-n-Take- Jim Lange (1 ep)

(1975 SM D-) *Intro missing, REALLY jumpy and squiggly video, muddy audio*, the only known existing episode, Includes ticket plug (GSN105-DVD)



Go- Kevin O’Connell (3 eps)

(1983 GAME A) Markie Post and Barry Gordon, $10,000 win!

(1983 GAME A) Markie Post and Barry Gordon, AWESOME final round!

(1983 GAME A-) The Cast of Another World vs. The Cast of The Search for Tomorrow, TOUGH $10,000 loss, but they make it up with a $10,000 win right after! Jack Clark sub-announces



Going, Going, Gone!- Richard Lewellwen (1 ep)

(1955 OB B+) General episode, Tom Kennedy announces! *Missing a portion of round two* (GSN110-DVD)



The Gong Show- Chuck Barris (5 eps)

(1976 GSN A) 1 ep of Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, and Anson Williams (GSN53-DVD)

(1977 GSN A) 1 ep of Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, and Steve Martin (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN26-DVD)

(1977 GSN B+) 1 ep of Jaye P. Morgan, Charlie Brill, and Mitzi McCall *Gene Gene's Burt Reynolds is one of the funniest things I've seen on this show, 300th episode* (GSN52-DVD)

(1977 GAME B+) 1 ep of Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan and Steve Garvey, PEE WEE HERMAN is one of the contestants! (GSN112-DVD)

(1978 GAME B) FINALE! With Chuck getting gonged! And Chuck Barris proves his genius (GSN112-DVD)

(1978 GAME A) Credits only to three episodes (JEN-DVD)



The Gong Show- Gary Owens (1 ep)

(1976 SM A-) GREAT QUALITY! PREMIERE of the syndicated episode, with slate, and promo! Elke Sommer, Rex Reed, Phyllis Diller, Includes contestant plug, mid show fee plugs



Greed- Chuck Woolery (1 segment)

(2001 GSN A) Dan’s Million Dollar Moment…no way he can mess up his big chance AGAIN…right? (GSN21-DVD)



Headline Chasers- Wink Martindale (1 ep)

(1985 OC B+) PREMIERE! Great Quality! Amy and Toby vs. Cindy and Bob (GSN146-DVD)



He Said She Said- Joe Garagiola (3 eps)

(1969 GSN A) Kyle Rote and Sharon Kaye Richie, WALLY AND NATALIE BRUNER, David and Joyce Susskind, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (GSN132-DVD)

(1970 GAME A+) Anne and Bert Convy, Carol Rossen and Hal Holbrook, E.G. Peeker and Bob Zamfino, Loretta and Dick Clark (JEN-DVD)

(1970 GSN A+) Jackie and John Davidson, Sally Field and Steve Craig, Nanette Fabray and Randy McDougal, Joyce and Alejandro Ray (JOEL2-DVD)



High Rollers- Alex Trebek (8 eps)

(1978 SM B) Daphne vs. Gene, the WHOLE board is JAMMED with prizes, Gene is one lucky dude! $10,000 win! Gene is on a roll…, Gene vs. Patti (GSN112-DVD)

(1979 OC B+) Candice vs. Pearl, Pearl vs. Jim (GSN120-DVD)

(1979 OC B+) Randy vs. Alan (GSN101-DVD)

(1979 OC B+) New Years Eve episode, Alex singing= scary! Jean vs. Donna, Donna vs. John (GSN136-DVD)

(1980 OC A-) Marianne vs. Sheryl, Marianne vs. Ron (GSN102-DVD)

(1980 OC B) Tom vs. John, $10,000 win! Tom vs. Stephanie (GSN137-DVD)

(1980 OC A) GREAT QUALITY! Rich vs. Ted, Rich vs. Kathy

(1980 OC B) FINALE! In good quality! With the “Drunk” Alex Trebek! Richard vs. Betty, Richard vs. Jim (GSN112-DVD)



Hit Man- Peter Tomarken (3 ep)

(1983 OC D+) Marlon Brando and The U.S. President’s are the subjects, Diane vs. Marlin vs. Carol, $10,000 win! *Really jumpy video* (MC-DVD)

(1983 OC C) American Bandstand and Custer’s Last Stand, Ray vs. Marianne vs. Mel, has contestant and ticket plugs (DAR2-DVD)

(1983 OB C+) FINALE! Includes the CLASSIC contestant plug. Gene Kelly and Vice Presidents, Maureen vs. Randy West! vs. Janet, Peter says his goodbyes to certain people at the end (DAR2-DVD)



Hollywood Showdown- Todd Newton (1 ep)

(2000 GSN A) $16,000+ Jackpot won, very good episode! (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows Special) (GSN7-DVD)



Hollywood’s Talking- Geoff Edwards (1 ep)

(1973 SM C+) Premiere, with slate *glitchy video at some points*, Includes contestant/ticket plug (GSN105-DVD)



(Celebrity) Hot Potato- Bill Cullen (2 eps)

(1984 GAME A-) We all learn the true secret of what Bill looks like without his glasses! *dun dun dun*  Accountants vs. Pro Surfers, *dumb answer alert…*, Accountants vs. Construction Workers (GSN16-DVD)

(1984 OC B+) FINALE! Good quality! (GSN145-DVD)



How’s Your Mother in Law?- Wink Martindale (1 ep)

(1967 OC A) Nipsey Russell, Milt Kamen, Richard Dawson (JEN-DVD)



I’ve Got a Secret- Garry Moore (2 eps)

(1956 KINEw/OC B) CLASSIC cheesy intro by Garry at the beginning, Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, LUCILLE BALL, Special Guest: Desi Arnaz, also, a man who SAW ABRAHAM LINCOLN GET ASSASINATED!

(1962 GSN A) Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan, Bess Myerson, Special Guest: Michel de la Vega



I’ve Got a Secret- Betsy Palmer (1 ep)

(1961 GSN A) Bill Cullen, Denise Lorr, Henry Morgan, Bess Myerson, Two women who are going to arm wrestle Bill and Henry, wife who has served husband breakfast in bed for 14 years, Special Guest: Edie Adams (GSN19-DVD)



I've Got a Secret- Steve Allen (8 eps)

(1972 GSN A+) Pat Carroll, Arte Johnson, Anita Gillette, Richard Dawson, man who invented rocket powered Frisbee HILARIOUS ROUND, Spiro Agnew hit this old couple with a golf ball, Bob Barker: Studio audience members are bidding on the panel’s stuff! *Few seconds during the middle of Bob’s secret is missing, due to my crappy cable box, nothing horrible* (GSN81-DVD)

(1972 GAME A) Henry Morgan, Meredith MacRae, Richard Dawson, Pat Carroll, Member of the U.S. Air Force named Captain Marvel, Person who posed nude for a centerfold picture, Paul Lynde: I lost 90 pounds and used to weigh 260 pounds! (GSN74-DVD)

(1972 GAME B+) Pat Carroll, Henry Morgan, June Lockheart, Richard Dawson (Two people, named Mr. Ping and Mr. Pong! Woman who made dress from dishrags, Jack Klugman: I’m giving each panelist real betting tickets on a horse race! Former Keystone cop) (GSN122-DVD)

(1972 GSN A+) Anita Gillette, Bert Convy, Jayne Meadows, Richard Dawson, Man who paints with his feet, Voices of Charlie Brown and Snoopy in Peanuts! Cliff Robertson: Polls for the panel!

(1973 GSN A) Pat Carroll, Alan Alda, Betty White, Richard Dawson, woman whose husband is in a gorilla suit, World Series of Poker champ who lost $190,000 in one game, Milton Berle: My old television jokes are in this safe! Man who has dog dating service (Taken from 50 Greatest Game Shows special) (GSN2-DVD)

(1973 GAME A) Pat Carroll, Henry Morgan, Anita Gillette, Richard Dawson, Man whose car is covered in grass, Nephew walked on the moon guessed right away by Anita! He is in fact Buzz Aldrin’s Uncle, with a cameo by Buzz! John Davidson: I brought baby pictures of the panel!, Singing telegram inventor (GSN74-DVD)

(1973 GAME A) Pat Carroll, Gene Rayburn, Nanette Fabray, Richard Dawson, Man who has an organ made of tin cans, every man in the audience is named James Smith!!!, Charles Nelson Reilly: I’m learning how to body paint… ON JANICE PENNINGTON! A man who plays music on the telephone *GSN crunches DURING A PORTION OF THE QUESTIONING IN THE FREAKIN’ LAST GAME! But atleast they don’t crunch the fee plugs, so not a total loss* (GSN75-DVD)

(1973 GAME B+) Pat Carroll, Henry Morgan, Anita Gillette, Richard Dawson, Three Miss America’s, Girl who is a smell collector, Michael Landon: I can be the television director for the show! (DAR2-DVD)



I’ve Got a Secret- Bill Cullen (1 ep)

(1976 SM C+) PREMIERE! Elaine Joyce, Richard Dawson, Pat Collins, Henry Morgan, with special guest RODNEY DANGERFIELD! (GSN122-DVD)



I've Got a Secret- Bil Dwyer (1 part, 1 ep)

(2006 GSN A) Full Tom Bergeron sketch only.

(2006 GSN A) Woman who plays flute with her nose, George Wendt, and Human Jump rope



It Takes Two- Vin Scully (1 ep)

(1970 SM B) Meredith and Gordon MacRae, Pat and Marge Harrington, Gary and Barbara Crosby