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Beat the Clock

Beat The Clock- Bud Collyer (6 eps)

(1951 KIN-OC B-) First couple: Greakers

(1952 GSN A) John Reed King sub-hosts. General Episode. *CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE*

(1952 GSN A) First Couple: The Kadoo’s, Baby in crib game from Game Show Marathon is played! (GSN49-DVD)

(1953 GSN A) First couple: The Moltens (GSN49-DVD)

(1956 GSN A) General Episode (GSN5-DVD)

(1957 GSN A+, also have it in B- form, with fuzzy video, from an airing in 2006) The $64,000 stunt is won! (GSN107-DVD, GSN111-DVD))



Beat The Clock- Jack Narz (5 eps)

(1970 GAME B-) Guest is TOM KENNEDY! (JEN-DVD)

(1970 GSN A+) Guest is Tom Kennedy again…different episode from the same week! Jack accidentally refers to Tom as Jim…;) *short ten second pause during when Jack reveals what all of the letters on the board were…GSN’s fault, not mine, doesn’t affect the show! (BTC-DVD)

(1971 GSN C) Guest is Bob Denver (GSN32-DVD)

(1971 SM B+) Guest is Helen O’Connell *Video a little blurry*

(1972 GSN D+) Guest is Louis Nye (GSN35-DVD)



Beat The Clock- Gene Wood (3 eps)

(1972 GSN A) Guest is William Shatner (GSN68-DVD)

(1973 GAME A-) Guest is Bert Convy (JONP2-DVD)

(1973 GSN A) Guest is Dick Clark! (GSN132-DVD)



Beat The Clock- Monty Hall (8 eps)

(1979 GSN A) PREMIERE! Gary and Sue vs. David and Jeri (GSN121-DVD)

(1979 GSN A) 2ND episode, Gary and Sue vs. Steve and Melissa, SOME FEE PLUGS LEFT IN BY GSN! (GSN127-DVD)

(1979 GSN A) 3rd episode, Steve and Melissa vs. Jim and Barbara (GSN126-DVD)

(1979 GSN A) 4th episode, Jim and Barbara vs. Bill and Camille (GSN129-DVD)

(1979 GAME C) Jerry and Marlene vs. Bert and Sheila, *Jack Narz cameos!* *squiggly video, and sometimes audio muffled* (GSN105-DVD)

(1979 GSN A) Gary and Kim vs. Renee and David, $10,000 WIN!!

(1979 GAME B) Ronnie Schnell and Joyce Bulifant vs. Patti Deutsch and Johnny Brown, Christmas episode! (GSN10-DVD)

(1980 OB C+) FINALE! Relna and Guy Hovis vs. Laurette Spang and John McCook

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