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For the Summers version of Double Dare...

Double Dare- Marc Summers (14 eps)

(1986 GaS A-) Christmas episode! With parents playing with the kids! The Razzies vs. The Griswold’s, TOUGH Obstacle course loss *few seconds of intro missing* (JONP-DVD)

(1986 GaS A) The Swatches vs. The Head Rooms, Obstacle Course win!

(1986 GaS A) The Psychadelics vs. The Bodacious Befreckled Bears

(1987 GaS B) The Killer Rice Cakes (What a name!) vs. The Terminators *Tracking line on top of the screen* Obstacle Course win! (GSN123-DVD)

(1987 GaS B) The Stooges vs. The Seismic Gumballs *Tracking line on top top portion of the screen* (GSN123-DVD)

(1987 GaS A) The Falcons vs. The Sweathogs (GSN123-DVD)

(1988 GaS A) The Nuclear Puppies vs. The Red Hots (GSN123-DVD)

(1988 NICK A) Great quality! Celebrity episode, Hollywood Vine (Jeremy Miller on this team) vs. The Wacky Weasels (Candace Cameron on this team)

(1988 GaS A-) *Intro bugged out, all of Marc’s opening “On you Marc” stuff gone, and counter on top of the screen) The Blue Screamers vs. The Red Devils (GSN123-DVD)

(1988 GaS A+) The Spuds vs. The King Cobras (GSN123-DVD)

(1988 GaS A+) *Marc’s “On Your Mark!” spiel missing* The Skyscrapers vs. The Crushing Duo (GSN126-DVD)

(1988 GaS B+) *Missing all of opening stunt* The Bob Cats vs. The Bionic Brussel Sprouts (GSN126-DVD)

(1988 GaS B+) *Missing Marc’s spiel* The Earthquakes vs. Chocolate & Vanilla *Some audio issues* (GSN126-DVD)

(1988 GaS B) *Missing Marc’s spiel* The Screaming Eagles vs. The Dream Team *Obstacle Course win!*



Family Double Dare- Marc Summers (12 eps)

(1988 OB A-) FROM FOX FAMILY DOUBLE DARE! The Fondaks vs. The Fischers, RECORD SETTING OBSTACLE COURSE WIN! *Near perfect quality, except for the second round toss-up, which gets some issues* (JONP-DVD)

(1988 OB A From Fox in great quality! The Chews vs. The Wilfreds

(1990 GaS A) The Sunshine Snorkelers vs. The Blue Barons (GAS3-DVD)

(1990 GaS A) The Sugar Babies vs. The Quackers One team member sings at Disney World...oops, Marc! (GAS4-DVD)

(1990 NICK A) The 3 M’s and Me vs. Gulf Screamers, *Counter shows up for first 1:15 of ep* LAST SECOND OBSTACLE COURSE WIN! (CARL-DVD)

(1990 NICK A) The Red Stars vs. The Fast Tracks LAST SECOND OBSTACLE COURSE WIN! (CARL-DVD)

(1990 GAS AND NICK B+) The Red Sox vs. The Studs *First five minutes from GaS, last 20 or so from NICK* (CARL-DVD)

(1990 NICK A) The Goop Busters vs. The Avengers, Marc demonstrates Gator Alley and Harvey describes! (CARL-DVD)

(1992 GaS A) Red Lobsters vs. Blue Babes OBSTACLE COURSE WIN! (GAS3-DVD)

(1992 GaS A) Cheese Heads vs. The Killer Kellers (GaS has a pausing problem from when Marc chats with the Cheese Heads to the second question...* Killer Kellers get $1,050! Obstacle Course win! (GAS4-DVD)

(1992 NICK A) The Gate-R’s vs. Bubblicious Bishops (CARL-DVD)

(1992 GaS A) Jersey Devils vs. The Kentucky Wildcats, No GaS logo! Rare error (JONP-DVD)



Super Sloppy Double Dare- Marc Summers (6 eps)

(1989 GaS A) Sweaty Palms vs. The Athletic Foot Duo (GAS3-DVD)

(1989 GaS A) Mustard Blowholes vs. Swollen Redfish (GAS4-DVD)

(1989 GaS A) Festering Giants vs. Soul Survivors Harvey introduces Marc and Ed Sullivan, and Marc does his Ed impression! There's an Elvis physical challenge, and Marc makes Dave sing! (GAS4-DVD)

(1989 GaS A) President's Day Special! Fungus Freaks vs. Regurgitated Worms. Many obstacle courses are changed to President references. (GAS4-DVD)

(1989 GaS A) The Fruity Pockmarks vs. The Convulsive Tadpoles. Salute to I Love Lucy! Various Lucy skits done (GAS4-DVD)

(1989 GaS B-) Psychadelic Mailmen vs. The Annihlaters (GSN60-DVD)

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