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Page for my Family Feud episodes

Family Feud- Richard Dawson (80 eps)

(1976 GSN A) Daytime, Baedaker vs. Silvers TERRIBLE answers given in the game by Fred Baedaker (GSN60-DVD)

(1978 GSN A+) Daytime, Tucker vs. Leonardi, $5,000 win

(1977 GSN A) Daytime, York vs. Lewis, Alligator answer in Fast Money episode!

(1977 GSN A) Daytime, York vs. Tyler, “Russians” episode!

(1977 GSN A) Syndicated, Kasai vs. Mac vean, $10,000 win (GSN48-DVD)

(1977 GSN A+) Daytime, Masters vs. Sweeny, hilarious but true answer in Fast Money! Three fee plugs left in by GSN! (FEUD-DVD)

(1978 GSN A) Daytime, Bosheff vs. Camping, Christmas week episode, $5,000 win (GSN85-DVD)

(1978 GSN A) Daytime, Jones vs. Moya, Christmas week episode (GSN31-DVD)

(1978 GSN A) Daytime, Moya vs. Aldrich, Christmas week episode, $5,000 win (GSN31-DVD)

(1978 GSN A) Syndicated, Nguyen vs. Bartz (GSN24-DVD)

(1978 GSN A) Syndicated, Nassi vs, Rendell (GSN86-DVD)

(1978 GSN A) Daytime, Wassell vs. Keller, TOTAL shut out (GSN91-DVD)

(1978 GSN A) Daytime, Matthew vs. Brubaker, $5,000 win (GSN91-DVD)

(1979 GSN A) Daytime Hatfield vs. McCoy Special Week! They're battling for a pig! 184 points scored in the first part of the FM! $5,000 win on first answer by second contestant. (GSN70-DVD)

(1979 GSN A) Daytime, Dodge vs. Neal, $5,000 win (GSN16-DVD)

(1979 GSN A) Daytime, Hamilton vs. Payne (Volume logo shows up for few seconds...) $5,000 win (GSN49-DVD)

(1979 GSN A+) Daytime, Evans vs. Larson, RICHARD’S BIRTHDAY! Three fee plugs left in by GSN! (FEUD-DVD)

(1979 GSN A) Daytime, Farrens vs. Strom, Gene Wood Cameo! Richard’s ribs are feeling bad, and his cast is slipping, so Caryn Lucas subs for him for the rest of the show until Fast Money! (GSN88-DVD)

(1979 GSN A+) Daytime, Strand vs. DePaola, $5,000 win

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Gjevre vs. Goodrich (GSN11-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Mitchell vs. Morast, $5,000 win! (GSN15-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Wallin vs. Gjevre (GSN37-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Glaser vs. Yeager, $5,000 win (GSN37-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Yeager vs. Carter (GSN80-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Waters vs. Cantrell, $5,000 win (GSN93-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Balding vs. Buckner $5,000 win (GSN51-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Mitchell vs. Loving, pieces of the Mitchell sign falls off! $5,000 win (GSN30-DVD)

(1980 GSN) Daytime, Trejo vs. Pfeiffer (GSN45-DVD)

(1980 GSN) Daytime, Trejo vs. Song, $5,000 win with one person! (GSN45-DVD)

(1980 GSN) Daytime, Trejo vs. Tunstall One word can best sum this episode up: SEPTEMBER (GSN44-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Treyell vs. Hardoin, Richard wishes Gene a Happy Birthday! Gene gets camera time! (GSN20-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Soltesz vs. Rizza (GSN23-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Rizza vs. Cross, $5,000 win! (GSN90-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Bienek vs. Coleman, Asparagus answer in Fast Money!

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, McFadden vs. Blodgett, $5,000 win

(1980 GSN A) Syndicated, Sutton vs. Kern, duck episode!

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Tanaka vs. Sullivan, KAREN MARTIN OF PRESS YOUR LUCK is on the Sullivan team! (GSN88-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Roach vs. Claytor (GSN88-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Weishar vs. Rosen, $5,000 win (GSN91-DVD)

(1980 GSN A) Daytime, Layne vs. Wallin (GSN91-DVD)

(1980 OC B) Daytime, Manoukian vs. Guice, Includes contestant plug *missing end credits, ends at the end of Fast Money* (GSN102-DVD)

(1980 GSN A+) Daytime, Morast vs. Domasinsky, 1,000 show! $5,000 win

(1980 GSN A+) Daytime, Boone vs. Stewart, $5,000 win

(1981 GSN A) Daytime, Panattoni vs. Kozelman, Richard reads a letter about how their technical director got an award! $5,000 win (GSN44-DVD)

(1981 GSN A) Daytime, Miss Universe vs. Miss USA (GSN91-DVD)

(1981 GSN A) Daytime, Miss Universe vs. Miss USA, $5,000 win (GSN92-DVD)

(1981 GSN A+) Daytime, Kelley vs. Nelson, $5,000 win

(1981 GSN A+) Daytime, Coulson vs. Cardose

(1982 GSN A) Syndicated, Anderson vs. Sevilla (GSN88-DVD)

(1982 GSN A) Syndicated, Stanley vs. Shivley, peanut butter answer in fast money! $10,000 win

(1982 GSN A) Syndicated, Hale vs. Collins, $10,000 win (GSN91-DVD)

(1983 GSN A) Syndicated, Heavenly Hosts vs. The Magnificent M.C.’s Game Show Week (GSN38-DVD)

(1983 GSN A) Syndicated, Heavenly Hosts vs. The Magnificent M.C.’s Game Show Week $10,000 win! (GSN38-DVD)

(1983 GSN A) Syndicated, Heavenly Hosts vs. The Magnificent M.C.’s Game Show Week $10,000 win! (GSN38-DVD)

(1983 GSN A) Syndicated. Ellis vs. DeCastro, $10,000 win *GSN goes to the crunch attack before Dawson even says goodbye!* (GSN58-DVD)

(1983 GAME A) Daytime, Finals of TV’s All Time Favorites, The Brady Bunch vs. Petticoat Junction, $10,000 win (GSN88-DVD)

(1983 GSN A+) Syndicated, Rallis vs. McCawley, $10,000 win

(1984 GSN A) Syndicated. Vermulen vs. Cuoco, Gene Wood gets camera time as he chats with Richard about how a whole High School is taking a field trip to see the Feud! $10,000 win! (GSN36-DVD)

(1984 GSN A) Syndicated. Fincher vs. Murray, Gene Wood cameo! $10,000 win (GSN39-DVD)

(1984 GAME A) Syndicated, Battle of the Adventure Stars, $10,000 win (GSN88-DVD)

(1984 OC B) Syndicated, Battle of the TV Stars, Gilligan’s Island vs. Lost in Space, $10,000 win (GSN141-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Syndicated. Rippier vs. Harper, one question takes forever for an answer to come up, $10,000 win!

(1985 GSN A) Syndicated. Pietruszka vs. Watkins (GSN51-DVD)

(1985 GSN A) Syndicated, Watson vs. Beaird. $10,000 win (GSN9-DVD)

(1985 GSN) A Syndicated, Tait vs. Dlott, One fee plug! (GSN77-DVD)

(1985 GAME A) Syndicated Hollywood Walk of Fame Special Various celebrities including Betty White and MARK GOODSON! $10,000 win (GSN87-DVD)

(1985 GSN A+) Syndicated, Scamardo vs. Evans

(1994 OB B-) Tregurtha vs. Jacobsen *Jacobsen family played in 1982 as well!*, Richard brings his grandchildren out *Some video issues occur, nothing horrible, BAD commercial break edits, fee plugs slightly edited* (BLI-DVD)

(1994 GSN A) Davis vs. Llorens, Halloween episode! Then it’s Davis vs. Missakian (GSN97-DVD)



Family Feud- Ray Combs (37 eps)

(1988 OC A-) DAYTIME PREMIERE! GREAT QUALITY! Drozsowski vs. Holtrust, $5,000 win! (GSN146-DVD)

(1988 GSN A) Mc'Donnell vs. Klindt Christmas Week episode Syndicated (GSN85-DVD)

(1989 GSN A) Oweller vs. Bussy Syndicated, from Christmas week, $10,000 win (GSN10-DVD)

(1990 GSN A) Daytime Christmas week, Alford vs. Hillier, $5,000 win (GSN29-DVD)

(1990 GSN A) Daytime Christmas week, Hillier vs. Ahrens, Ray dresses as Santa, $5,000 win (GSN29-DVD)

(1990 GSN B+) Syndicated, Battle of the Funny Men vs. Funny Women, McLean gets 200 points ALL BY HIMSELF, 200 POINTS WON ONE BY ONE PERSON, Ray does the joke questions to McLean’s other partner! UNCRUNCHED FEE PLUGS AND CREDITS LEFT IN BY GSN! Hear Gene Wood! (GSN109-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Jacoby vs. Hutt Syndicated (GSN50-DVD)

(1991 GSN A) Syndicated Battle of the Armed Forces, Army vs. Navy (GSN22-DVD)

(1991 GSN A) Syndicated Battle of the Armed Forces, Army vs. Air Force. 199 points in Fast Money...OUCH! (GSN33-DVD)

(1991 GSN A) Syndicated. Boyd vs. Shipmon (GSN37-DVD)

(1991 GSN A) Syndicated. Boyd vs. Butcher (GSN80-DVD)

(1991 GSN A) 4 eps of The Price is Right vs, The Young and the Restless (GSN78)

(1992 GSN A) Jacoby vs. Schultz Syndicated. $10,000 win! (GSN37-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Gian Carlo vs. Kennedy Syndie. (GSN43-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Stathos vs. Briggs Syndicated (GSN93-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) The first four episodes of the WWF vs. WBF Battle of the Wrestling Superstars week. (GSN19-DVD, GSN59-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Syndicated, Yoho vs. Troy (GSN30-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Laker Girls vs. Knicks City Dancers, $10,000 win with one person! (GSN44-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Syndicated premiere of the 1992-1993 season BULLSEYE PREMIERE! Haberman vs. Jamerson *HA R A N family?!* (GSN43-44DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Syndicated Bullseye, Jamerson vs. Cooper, $14,000 win! (GSN46-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Syndicated Bullseye Sicari vs. Moore (GSN20-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Syndicated Bullseye, Parson vs, Hull (GSN23-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Syndicated Bullseye, Civita vs. Berenger (GSN90-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Syndicated Bullseye, Childs vs. Hughes, $11,000 win! (GSN44-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Syndicated Bullseye, Playboy vs. Mrs. America special, $11,000 win! (GSN91-DVD)

(1992 GSN A) Syndicated Bullseye, Grand Ole Opry Men vs. Grand Ole Opry Women, $10,000 win! (GSN92-DVD)
(1993 GSN A) Four episodes of Bullseye TPiR vs. The Young and the Restless (GSN79-DVD)

(1993 GAME B+) Syndicated Bullseye, ROSEANNE VS. JACKIE THOMAS! $20,000 WIN! (DAR2-DVD)

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